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Business Asset Protection

People have for many a millennia built walls to keep themselves, their assets, and those they hold dear safe from outside intruders. The need for protection in this 21st century has not diminished. The technological advance has opened a whole new digital world. This has beckoned an age where people are more apt to put sensitive information in the public sphere. As you are already aware, there are other individuals that are looking to take advantage of this information to exact a profit. Therefore, the need to protect yourself, your assets, and those you hold dear, is now even greater. The need for an asset protection plan is now even greater.

Our experienced Jacksonville business law attorneys can provide legal counsel in developing an asset protection plan beyond forming a limited liability company.

A simple tool designed to assist in asset protection from a variety of different types of liability is an LLC (Limited Liability Company). Due to the enormous flexibility allowed by the structure of an LLC, a variety of people, including business owners, landlords, and estate planners, have utilized LLCs to protect what they hold dear. Nonetheless, just having an LLC may not be enough. It is important to be aware of the strengths, weaknesses and methods necessary to fully utilize the protections of an LLC. There is a wide range of critical knowledge and methodologies that go beyond just having an LLC that can serve to safeguard what you hold dear.

Plan for the future by obtaining the necessary legal advice to ensure your walls do not come down. If you need further assistance with your asset protection plan, please contact Grigaltchik & Galustov, P.A., at (904) 701-7180.