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A Year in Review – 2012. Part 1.

The year 2012 had a slow start. Somewhere along the way, however, a certain realization became a catalyst to remarkable growth at the law firm of Grigaltchik & Galustov, P.A.: that we, as humans, create boundaries to our personal success by believing that certain goals are unachievable, or by believing others when they tell us that certain goals are unachievable. By believing such boundaries to exist, we casually go about our daily lives, blind to what lies beyond. We remain blind due to fear of failure or just plain laziness. President Franklin D. Roosevelt put it best: “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.”

The realization that there is nothing to stand in our way but ourselves sparked a desire to grow into an ambitious and successful law firm. We became determined to out-innovate others, take risks in different types of advertising, and to provide unrivaled personal service to our clients. To this end, throughout the year, we added key individuals, such as Stacy Yudenko, that complemented our strategy, and networked with hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals and businesses at numerous events. We unveiled a trifecta of debt relief services, designed to help individuals and businesses deal with credit card debt, foreclosure defense, and tax issues.

We created the blog that you’re reading right now, which includes helpful blog posts such as Estate Planning for All or The LLC Advantage: The Train Track, and contributed an editorial to the Jacksonville Business Advantage magazine. We unveiled an estate planning program, designed to provide everyone affordable and necessary documents in case of incapacity for only $99! (When is the last time you remember someone telling you they saw an attorney for less than $100?). We expanded to providing Saturday hours.

All of these actions have contributed to an explosion in volume and revenue, which in turn further encourages our plans for the future. Right now three 20-30 second video commercials are in the works, and will be released on our website, facebook, linkedin, youtube, and, possibly, TV. We are developing a line of advertising that we believe has never been done by a law firm, at least locally. We plan to redesigned and re-release our website. We plan to continue to add key individuals. We plan to continue to meet a wide range of individuals and businesses. And most importantly, due to the above-mentioned concerted efforts, we plan to continue our remarkable growth in volume and revenue.

This is a brief synopsis of what we’ve done and what we have planned. We hope next year will be a great one for all of us. Our success is only possible if we all succeed. In Part 2 of A Year in Review — 2012, we will give spotlight those individuals who have sought to help us along the way. Happy holidays and a happy New Year!