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Business Formation

Just as there are many online options for business formations, there are just as many unanswered questions regarding those options. Some of those questions may consist of: how do you know which of these business formation options is the right one? Will you get the right level of assistance that you need? What should be the right price to pay?

Interestingly enough, the online vendors for business formations do not make it easy to answer these questions. They are busy enticing you with an extremely low price, only then when you commit, they turn around and attempt to increase that price by selling additional services. Or in the alternative, they overcharge for business formation services with the idea in mind that since their services cost a significant sum, you will believe you are getting something of high value.

Our Jacksonville Business Law attorneys have the experience to provide legal counsel to help you through the business formation process from start to finish.

Without a straight-forward answer, and highly dubious and borderline unethical practices to boot, it is fair to say that you probably need someone that you can trust to give you the right option, the right level of assistance, and also at the right price. This is where the assistance of not just competent counsel can be valuable.

The law firm of Grigaltchik & Galustov, P.A., provides business owners with the fair and trusted legal guidance they need in the formation of a business. Please contact us at (904) 701-7180.