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Simple Will

You can’t take it with you, but you can decide how your property is managed and distributed after your death. Through a written and legally enforceable simple will, you can:

1) Ensure that you, not the state of Florida, controls your property after you’re gone;

2) Make your intentions clear and prevent your beneficiaries from fighting over your property in court; and

3) Spare your grieving beneficiaries the hassle of dealing with the legal ramifications of your death by appointing a personal representative to manage your property.

Our experienced Jacksonville estate planning attorneys can assist in drafting a simple will, giving you the power to decide how your property is managed and distributed.

In addition to a simple will, every person should have a designation of healthcare surrogate, living will, power of attorney and a designation of pre-need guardian. The simple will cannot serve to help you in instances where mental and physical incapacity, and not death, have impacted your life. In those instances, the aforementioned documents are just as important, if not more important, than the simple will. Here also some basic definitions of the aforementioned documents:

A designation of healthcare surrogate assists your family and doctors to make the appropriate healthcare decision in instances dealing with likely temporary incapacity.

A living will assists your family and doctors in making decisions regarding end of life scenarios.

A power of attorney assists your family in making financial decisions in instances of incapacity.

A designation of pre-need guardianship allows for you to select someone for consideration as your court appointed guardian in instances of incapacity.

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