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Business Law

Running a business is a tough endeavor without even considering the legal challenges you may face. The challenges start at the very beginning, when a business entity is formed. You begin with considering various business entities for their tax and asset protection benefits. Then you negotiate with your partners. From those negotiations, some kind of agreement may arise, either an operating or shareholder agreement. Once that process finished, you move onto contracts with service and trade providers, and even key employees. The challenge of so much, even before you start operations, may be too much to handle. This is where the assistance of not just competent counsel can be valuable, but competent counsel that understands the economic motivations behind your decisions. Competent counsel that understands business.

Our experienced Jacksonville business law attorneys can provide competent legal counsel that understands business and guidance throughout its operations.

The law firm of Grigaltchik & Galustov, P.A., provides services to business owners in the areas of:

  • Business Formation, from starting a partnership to creating a corporation.
  • Asset protection, to prevent or reduce risk from claims.
  • Business Agreements, including operating, shareholder, joint venture and buy-sell agreements.
  • Licensing and trademarking, for protection of marks, names, logos, and products.
  • Contract negotiation and drafting, to ensure secure business operations.
  • Breach of contract, from a minor breach all the way up to a material breach.
  • Claims and debt collection, from prevention of late payment to working with collection agencies.
  • Litigation, for when business disputes must be handled in court.

Let the attorneys of Grigaltchik & Galustov, P.A., law firm help you with whatever stage you are at in your business ventures. Call us today at (904) 701-7180.