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Contract Negotiation and Drafting

“The best defense is a good offense.” – Proverb.

Typically, one business party may meet another to negotiate a contract for goods or services. At such a meeting, basic terms of a contract, such as the amount of payment for goods or services may be ironed out. In most instances though, the contracting parties may be held up in the positive synergies associated with a prospective business relationship and choose to focus less on the consequences of any potential dispute and future enforcement of terms.

It is wise to seek the guidance of counsel as early as possible in order to explore methods to avoid potential disputes and the pitfalls associated with the enforcement of terms. Otherwise, a business party may risk leaving these issues up to a court, at which point, an adverse decision as to whether the language in a dispute supports one party’s interpretation more than the other party’s interpretation may result in a catastrophic business loss. As you can also imagine, the costs associated with seeking the court’s judgment in such an instance may far exceed the cost associated with the utilization of competent counsel during negotiations and drafting phase of a contract.

Our experienced Jacksonville business law attorneys can provide legal counsel and guidance through the process of negotiating and drafting contracts in order to avoid potential disputes.

Thus, the goal of the drafting process is to produce precise documents memorializing a contracting parties true understanding of the terms of a business arrangement in order avoid disputes, and to secure predictability in the enforcement of terms. At Grigaltchik & Galustov, P.A. we seek to understand the needs and goals of a business prior to negotiating and drafting a contract. This allows us to provide guidance and to create documents that are tailored to a specific businesses’ needs. Contracts are not solely the product of legal knowledge and skills, they are also the product of practical business knowledge. This knowledge is necessary not just to draft provisions of a contract, but to draft precise provisions of a contract.

The law office of Grigaltchik & Galustov, P.A. understands what is needed during the process of negotiating and drafting contracts by learning the needs and goals of the business in order to avoid any potential disputes between the clients. Please contact us at (904) 701-7180 to get started today.