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A+ service

Very impressed with his professionalism and fair pricing. He really went out of his way to help a mutual client. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone needing an estate lawyer, business attorney or just a debt collection professional. A+ service.

- Kimberly Deas

David is always willing to help

I have known David for a number of years both professionally and personally. I also know some of his past and current clients all have been happy with David’s services as an attorney. David is always willing to help and to answer a question, even if it’s not related to a case.

- Brad Sopotnick

Mr. Grigaltchik has done a great job

Mr. Grigaltchik has done and still does a great job for us in business and personal matters. We have used him for many different situations from trust/estate planning to property and business matters…Always professional and willing to help us at a fair price.

- Chris Fowler

Provides excellent representation for his clients

I endorse David due his extensive experience and track record of success defending his clients. He is very hard-working and provides excellent representation for his clients.

- Ardian Gjoka

Excellent service

Excellent service, David is very dedicated to the work he does and treats his clients with great care and respect. He has been very helpful in settling my legal matters and open in providing me with legal advice. I will definitely refer to David for any legal advice needed.

- Boris Petrovic

This firm is awesome!

This firm is awesome!

- Brittany Smith

Incredible professionals

Incredible professionals that always keep their clients best interests in mind! Thanks for everything.

- Kyle Sparks

Highly recommend them!

David & Borris do a great job staying in touch and communicating with their clients. Top notch firm right here in Jax. Highly recommend them!

- Sebastian Castelli

Very affordable and knowledgeable!

If you're considering bankruptcy, business law or estate planing, I would highly recommend David Grigaltchik. Mr. David is not only a great attorney, but he's very affable and easily approachable and is serious in his desire to help his clients and provides some excellent education and advice as well. Very affordable and knowledgeable!

- Our Bookkeepers

Willing to go above and beyond

David and his team are always willing to go above and beyond. They are great at keeping you informed throughout the process and truly work for you the client. Myself and others I have referred are all very satisfied with the service and price. I believe you pay for what you get and you will not be disappointed hiring David.

- Eddie OKeefe

David and Boris are genuine lawyers

David and Boris are genuine lawyers. They showed passion inside and out of the courtroom and more importantly, they care about their clients. I had the pleasure of working with both and they are very good at what they do. Highly recommend!

- Thinh Le

Quick to respond and always there for advise

We highly recommend Grigaltchik Galustov firm, always quick to respond and always there for advise.

- Alex Krasnov

Best attorneys I've ever worked with

David and Boris are two of the best attorneys I've ever worked with. They were very clear about expectations and very fair on the price.

- Luke Turner

I would absolutely recommend David for all of your legal needs.

David wrote and filed all of my incorporation paperwork when I stared my company. He was very thorough and explained everything in understandable terms. He also helped one of my employees with his tickets. I would absolutely recommend David for all of your legal needs.

- Rodney Sharp

Competent, caring and professional

I refer clients to David Grigaltchik since I know that he is competent, caring and professional.

- Bobby Wilbert

David makes the process easy and the costs are competitive.

Filing for a bankruptcy or trying to protect yourself during a foreclosure can be difficult. David makes the process easy and the costs are competitive. If you are looking for top-notch professional attorney you need to call David Grigaltchik.

- Edward OKeefe

He is very knowledgeable in his areas of practice

David Grigaltchik is a very thorough and talented attorney. He is very knowledgeable in his areas of practice and fights tirelessly for his clients. I highly recommend David.


David is a credit to his profession, a gentleman and a man who keeps his word

This is an easy review to write. David represented my wife and I a while back. He was efficient, professional, timely and thorough. Okay, good qualities for an attorney. However Davis was also perusable, considerate, and mindful of his time spent on my issues. He never exceed his budget but I feel he spent the time necessary acting on our behalf.David is a credit to his profession, a gentleman and a man who keeps his word. I truly recommend him as a person and as a lawyer.

- Michal Mendel Galer

Keep up the good work!

I am a financial professional who's worked in the Jacksonville area for over a decade- meeting many, MANY attorneys along the way. Dave and his partner, Boris, have made my very short list of legal pros I will refer clients to. They are competent, passionate, professional and, most important of all (to me), they bring a personal touch to client meetings that makes ME look good for sending folks their way. Thanks guys- Keep up the good work!

- Nick Edwards

It is a pleasure to work with him.

Some legal matters are too personal and too painful to handle in an objective way. Therefore, my husband and I hired (Boris Galustov and) David Grigaltchik - to handle the matter for us. Having an attorney who listens to the issue intently, and then can look you in the eye to say what he can and cannot do for you is a relief. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to hand over the paper work and simply say, "Will you please handle this for us?" and be able to trust that it will be handled - completely, professionally, and in a manner that has our best interest in focus. No matter how long this matter continues, we continue to put our trust in David. It is a pleasure to work with him.

- Judy Di Georgio

Amazing work ethic

I met David last year at an organization I've been a member of for over twenty years.David and I talked at just the right time as I had urgent need of counsel. Without hesitation David literallly threw himself into the job of guiding me through an extremely difficult time.I consider David a friend not just an attorney. It's good to know someone will "go to bat" for you and not not be swayed by making a fast buck for himself.I can recommend David and his partners without hesitation or reservation to any one who values a close personal "hands on" working relationship aimed at dispelling any legal obstacle blocking you from success. He is the real deal.If you feel you need know more about this dedicated man feel free to contact me personally at any time, but know, my sterling reference is the result of my satisfaction with David and his amazing work ethic.

- C.E. Smith / Jax., FL

He is just simply great at what he does

I have known David Professionally for 5 years, and I must say that he does great work. I had all my questions answered in a very timely manner and I felt that I did not have to worry about anything at all with the services he provided. David was very detailed oriented and attentive to every single aspect of my case. He went above and beyond to reach out to me to make sure I was ok even after my case was settled. I value that very much in someone who provides the services he does.I have and will continue to recomend him and his services to anyone. He is just simply great at what he does. Period!

- Roger Miles

He is a thorough professional..

He is a thorough professional.. He is passionate about his work and well beings of his client's. He can look forward to great things happening to his career...I only wish him the best....

- Devin Suri

He also happens to be a gifted artist.

Working with David has been a low-stress experience. He's easy to get in touch with, and always makes it clear that he is serving my our interest as the client. He takes the time to explains things thoroughly so that we completely understand what our course of action is and what the pros and cons of each action will be. Having David working in our corner has been a huge benefit and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking his counsel. He also happens to be a gifted artist.

- Sebastian Castelli

I would definitely recommend this firm!

David has been very particularly helpful in educating me about various legal matters as they pertain to my personal finances. He explains legal scenarios in such a way as to make them understandable to the average consumer. I am also very impressed with the personal attention that the firm offers to its clients. David has been very proactive in handling my case and contacts me frequently to give updates on progress being made. I would definitely recommend this firm!

- Deborah Dell

David is a great attorney

David is a great attorney. I have use his service and also have reccommended him to my friends and family members. They all loved him. I will continue to reccommend David to other people who will need legal advice.

- Tina Kien

Highly recommend him as an attorney

I have found David Grigaltchik to be a connsumate professional and has an asset to my business ventures and those of my customers. I view David as a trusted advisor in several areas regarding legal matters and would highly recommend him as an attorney.

- Bill Deas

Thanks for all your help David keep up the good work!

I have used David for all my work and being in business for 15 years I went through several Attorney's. David has been by far the most reliable and honest of them all. Excellent attorney and very down to earth! Thanks for all your help David keep up the good work!

- Wyatt Green

His professional ethic ensures that those needs are met

David's entrepreneurial outlook about his practice makes his firm able to tailor its services to its clients' needs, and his professional ethic ensures that those needs are met. He approaches client problems through a wider lens that reaches further into the future than other young attorneys.

- Adam Deli

Boris do an excellent job with their clients

David is fellow attorney in the community, and I would have to say that he and Boris do an excellent job with their clients. I don't hesitate to refer cases to them, and am confident that they will come up with creative legal solutions.

- Kate Mesic

Highest ethical standards and great service

Excellent lawyer and very professional staff and office setting. It was clear to me that Mr. Grigaltchik is well respected by other lawyers and judges.Highest ethical standards and great service.

- Joanne Sun

David is an excellent attorney

David is an excellent attorney. In my experience he goes above and beyond the call of duty each and every time! he professional and a pleasure to deal with.

- Nochum Kurinsky

David is a good friend and a great attorney

David is a good friend and a great attorney. I am happy to refer clients to him for any of their bankruptcy needs.

- Madelyn Pittman

Superior Expertise

I told David I needed something in place in the event of my death regarding my personal household, business and child. He knew exactly what I needed - nothing more, nothing less which was a Last Will, Living Will and Preneed Guardianship. His level of sincerity, honesty and professionalism was beyond what I expected from an attorney as I have never worked with one before. His level of exertise is superior and I highly recommend him!!!

- Michelle

Fees are Nominal, Counsel is Priceless

I have been working with David Grigaltchik for the past 6 years. David has been my advocate and counselor for issues ranging from asset/debt management to corporate business issues and even private matters. When tackling a case, Mr. Grigaltchik cuts through fear and worry and can lay out plans of action which, from my personal experience, yield high degrees of positive aspect. Mr. Grigaltchik is well educated and understands the law at a very advanced level. I have learned to trust him over the years and will vouch for his excellence. Lastly, David is friendly and accessible, he has never made me feel judged or stupid. If you have a legal issue and think you may need a lawyer, be sure and call Mr. Grigaltchik to go over the issue. Though his fees are nominal, his counsel is priceless.

- Eric

Eager To Help

David Grigaltchik went out of his way to help me with some legal trouble while I was in college. His assistance saved me time and money.

- Anonymous

Customer Service Oriented

I have used Mr. Grigaltchik's services on several business transactions and have found him to be very responsive. He has been honest and direct in our dealings and I have recommended several other clients to him as well. He has assisted my company in the formation of various business entities, preparation and review of contracts and legal opinions.I find David to be very trustworthy and direct with his services. I would highly recommend him and his firm to any of my clients.

- Bill

Honest & Professional

David has given me a sense of trust beginning the time I've encountered with him on a professional level. He is very informative and seeks the best interest of the client above anything else. I would definitely vouch my name on a recommendation for him.

- Jeremy

The Best Advice

I have known David for 2 years already and he was very helpful to my family in handling real estate issues and always advised us the best. I highly recommend him as a great real eastate attorney especially for those whos native language is not English.

- Liliya Soroka

Reliable & Efficient

David is an excellent lawyer and follows through until the matter is satisfactorily resolved. I was having some issues with the landlord for my business and was being ignored so I hired David to move things along. He mediated via e-mail (for expediency) with the landlord's attorney, arranged for all of us to meet and the issues were professionally and satisfactorily concluded. I would recommend him, without hesitation, to anyone seeking a reliable and efficient professional.

- Shika

HIghly Recommend

Dave was an excellent attorney advise me of every detail of my divorce led me to believe that he knew the law and pointing me in the direction that I needed to be up until my divorce and financially was very fair and allowed me to make payments I would highly recommend David's firm

- Frank Romanello

Helpful, Knowledgeable, & Diligent

I've known David for many years now and he's always been willing to give advice or go the extra mile to help out. As an attorney, David has advised me on matters regarding my real estate investments and property management. He is my go to guy for questions regarding real estate and business in general. I have absolutely no qualms about recommending David to represent you in your legal needs. He will do whatever it takes!


Great Job

Mr. Grigaltchik has done and still does a great job for us in business and personal matters. We have used him for many different situations from trust/estate planning to property and business matters...Always professional and willing to help us at a fair price.

- Chris

David is a Great Lawyer!

David delivered on all his commitments to me as a client. he was very organized, communicative, and efficient. He followed up regularly and to this day he still checks on me to see how I am doing. I feel very confident recommending him to my friends and family.

- Roger

Clients Best Interests at Heart

David Grigaltchik has his clients best interest at heart. He helped me and my family with our estate planning and pre-need guardianship. He explained thoroughly the importance of having these in place. I have no problem referring anyone to him as he truly works with the upmost integrity!

- Michelle

Immediately Felt at Ease

I had the pleasure to meet both Boris and David through networking but I want to mention that when I stepped into the offices of Grigaltchik & Galustov, P.A. I felt at ease to the point where I opened up about some personal issues that have been put off to the side for a couple years now. When I first met Boris I sat in his office with no idea of where to start with my divorce... I walked out knowing exactly what kind of plan I needed to start. Thanks to Boris and his team I am know confident in knowing where I stand!!!! Thank you so very much for everything you guys do for individuals like myself!!!! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!! I HIGHLY recommend Grigaltchik & Galustov, P.A. to anyone needing the guidance in their own personal life!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

- Ashley Eichman

Don't Waste Time or Money

Wish I knew Boris when my father was going through his divorce last year. I watched him struggle going back and forth with his lawyer for 18 months. Don't waste time or money, call Boris today for a consultation!

- Mike Fogel

Knowledgeable and Fair

A company that truly cares. Wish I had found Boris when I was going through my divorce in 2006. He is extremely knowledgeable and fair. Will secure his services if I need an OUTSTANDING family attorney.

- Cameron Stewart

Best Possible Outcome

As a business litigation law firm we always rely and refer on Boris Galustov to assist our clients with any family law issues. Their team of attorneys are excellent and have provided the best possible outcome for our clients. We highly recommend the offices of Grigalchik and Galustov, P.A.

- Lourdes and James Allen; Law Offices of James D. Allen, P.A.

Very Pleased

Boris and David have assisted my family on a couple of events. We have been very pleased with their knowledge and assistance with our legal matters. They are both accessible and great to work with.

- Jeff Stoneking

Does what is Best for Clients

Boris Galustov is the rare attorney that does what is BEST for his client and has the knowledge and experience to match. I have enjoyed our relation that began in our BNI club many years ago. I recommend him and his firm with confidence and lots of TRUST.

- David Neves

Made it Easy to Understand my Options

Met with Boris to get some difficult family law questions answered. He made it easy for me to understand my options.

- Wally Conway

Very Good Attorneys

I have worked with Boris and David for a number of years and they are both very good attorneys. When we have clients with business or family law related issues, we always send them over to G & G.

- Chris Carson

A huge burden was lifted from my shoulders

I can not thank this firm enough and their paralegal Stephanie Simmons!! My family law case was very difficult as our son is mentally disabled/autistic. The father and I have a very hard time communicating/or we don't communicate. Ms. Simmons facilitated our conversations and brought her professionalism into a highly emotional charged situation. She was the voice of reason and was able to have my ex-husband and I come to a peaceful resolution. I was having such a hard time with the divorce and was admittedly emotional at times. Not only did this firm understand my concerns but took the extra time to walk through the process until I was comfortable. I would describe this firm as intelligent, confident, excellent rapport with other attorney's and with the staff at the courthouse. With the guidance provided me from Boris Galustov, Esq., and his paralegal Stephanie a resolution occurred and is in place for the needs of my special needs child. He will continue to receive the child support for the rest of his life. A huge burden was lifted from my shoulders as the firm negotiate in the best interest of our child. I can't thank them enough and would rehire them if there was such a reason to keep litigating.

- Jowin Carbery

His clients best interest at heart.

David Grigaltchik has his clients best interest at heart. He helped me and my family with our estate planning and pre-need guardianship. He explained thoroughly the importance of having these in place. I have no problem referring anyone to him as he truly works with the upmost integrity!

- Jase Jeralds

Best bankruptcy lawyer in Jacksonville.

David is absolutely the best bankruptcy lawyer in Jacksonville area. Extremely professional and knowledgeable but easy to talk with. Wastes no time in putting your situation together and explaining the legal options to you in terms that are understandable.

- Peter Altrui

He is fast reasonable and very friendly.

I know and trust David Grigaltchik and staff to help me setup my business and do a last will and testament. He is fast reasonable and very friendly. I would highly recommend!

- Michael Best

Honest Attorney. Highly recommended.

David is excellent!! He gave me the best advise I have received in a year. He knows how to make a difficult case look easy and he knows where to focus. Honest Attorney. Highly recommended. If you need a family law attorney David is who you should choose.

- Eric Fernandez