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Managing The Three P’s Of Business

So, you’ve got a plan, a product and a partner, and you’re ready to launch your very own business and take the world markets by storm. In this article, we will explore the different legal issues that prudent business owners should address before going forward with any business venture. Essential to the operation of any …
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Foreclosures: David v. Goliath

Foreclosure Defense: David v. Goliath The worst thing you can do when facing foreclosure is nothing. Unfortunately, too many borrowers do just that. Borrowers tend to be intimidated by lenders because lenders tend to be big banks. To the average American borrower, the very word “bank” invokes something ominous and untouchable. They’re rich and you’re …
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Chapter 13 Cram Down Provisions

Chapter 13 Cram Down Provisions Let’s face it. No one knows what’s going to happen tomorrow. With a sigh, news anchors reference “these uncertain economic times.” And it all begins and ends with you, American business owners — far-seers, risk-takers, trailblazers. Only these days, you can’t see as far, and you can’t risk as much, …
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