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Obamacare and You

To the great surprise of millions of Americans and much to my chagrin, Gary Johnson failed to win the Presidency this November. If conservative pundits are to be believed, President Obama is likely to attempt kill us all in the next four years and that we have no choice but to flee to a paradise … read more

Estate Planning for All!

While available in some states, common law marriage and same-sex marriage are not recognized in Florida. This means that unmarried couples, same-sex couples and couples in other committed non-traditional relationships cannot rely on the government to provide them with protections and benefits that traditional married couples take for granted, such as Florida’s inheritance laws. Under … read more

Modification: Avoid Modern-Day Debtor’s Prison

Debtor’s prison may be a thing of the past, but you can go to jail for nonpayment of child support. Even if you’ve been a law-abiding citizen all your life, a good parent to your children, a role-model in the community, you can be treated as a common criminal by law enforcement agencies if you … read more


How would you like to go? The common answer: “Quietly, in my sleep.”   But most of us are not that fortunate. The fact of the matter is that physical death is typically preceded by a period of mental decline. This decline is rapid for some, gradual for others, but the majority of us mortals … read more

The LLC Advantage: Train Track

An LLC (Limited Liability Company), like a powerful locomotive, iron-clad and spitting steam, launches full-speed ahead. Its iron sides protect you from its creditors. Its smooth controls allow you to choose the method of taxation best for you. You are at the helm; your partner is shoveling coals in the back. But you are still … read more