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Foreclosure: Et Tu My Lender?

Foreclosure: Et Tu My Lender? What happened to the good ol’ handshake? Can you trust anyone anymore? Tragically, we aren’t speaking of your Indian-giving acquaintance or your small time crook. Important, too-big-to-fail banking institutions are just as quick to pull one over on the consumer as your garden variety con artist. It’s easy for a … read more

Estate Planning: Students

You don’t need an estate to engage in proper estate planning. Of course, if you haven’t a copper farthing to your name, you can probably slide by without a Durable Power of Attorney or a Last Will and Testament. But if you’ve got a beating heart in your chest, and if you acknowledge that the … read more

Don’t Let A Credit Error Prevent You From Living Your Life!

If you think of capitalism as a building, a towering, modern skyscraper, hundreds of feet of sheer cliff of steel and glass and human ingenuity and corruption straight into the air, all the good and the bad and everything in between, then credit is the load bearing beams within it. The life and blood of … read more

The American Dream: Re-Established?

Is there any concept more closely identified with the American Dream than homeownership? In his attempt to convince Mikhail Gorbachev of the virtues of American democracy, Ronald Reagan took the USSR president on a helicopter ride and showed him the private homes of common American citizens, complete with swimming pools and barbeque grills. Unfortunately, due … read more

A Year in Review – 2012. Part 1.

The year 2012 had a slow start. Somewhere along the way, however, a certain realization became a catalyst to remarkable growth at the law firm of Grigaltchik & Galustov, P.A.: that we, as humans, create boundaries to our personal success by believing that certain goals are unachievable, or by believing others when they tell us … read more