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Estate Planning

Will Power: Florida Last Will and Testament

By way of disclaimer, I must declare as follows: It is always a bad idea to haunt your relatives after you are dead. It never works out the way you think. This doesn’t mean, however, that death should prevent you from exerting your Will, especially where your hard-earned cash and property are concerned. You can’t … read more

Florida Durable Power of Attorney

The Power of Attorney or “PoA” is a legal instrument that allows you to be in two places at once. Let us assure you that we are not spinning a Harry Potteresque tale of magic and wizardry, however. For one — it takes more than a mere waive of the wand and utterance of incoherent … read more

Estate Tax – Portability

DEATH AND TAXES ESTATE TAX EXEMPTION PORTABILITY In addition to taking a bite out of your income, helping himself to a hearty slice of your payoff from nearly every business transaction, and even nibbling on your gifts, Uncle Sam wants his share of the estate you leave behind when you die. It’s not death or … read more