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Estate Planning

From Matrimony to Alimony

Most of us are aware of the abysmal statistics: 50% of marriages end in divorce. Florida is leading the fight against happy homes, sporting a divorce rate higher than the national average. Maybe it’s a good thing that many of us remain optimistic in the face of such odds as evidenced by our refusal to … read more

Estate Planning: Students

You don’t need an estate to engage in proper estate planning. Of course, if you haven’t a copper farthing to your name, you can probably slide by without a Durable Power of Attorney or a Last Will and Testament. But if you’ve got a beating heart in your chest, and if you acknowledge that the … read more

A Year in Review – 2012. Part 1.

The year 2012 had a slow start. Somewhere along the way, however, a certain realization became a catalyst to remarkable growth at the law firm of Grigaltchik & Galustov, P.A.: that we, as humans, create boundaries to our personal success by believing that certain goals are unachievable, or by believing others when they tell us … read more

Estate Planning for All!

While available in some states, common law marriage and same-sex marriage are not recognized in Florida. This means that unmarried couples, same-sex couples and couples in other committed non-traditional relationships cannot rely on the government to provide them with protections and benefits that traditional married couples take for granted, such as Florida’s inheritance laws. Under … read more


How would you like to go? The common answer: “Quietly, in my sleep.”   But most of us are not that fortunate. The fact of the matter is that physical death is typically preceded by a period of mental decline. This decline is rapid for some, gradual for others, but the majority of us mortals … read more